The Re-enactment March will take place from Wagga Wagga on Saturday 5th September 2015 in a general north-easterly direction through the countryside, towns, villages and cities of a portion of NSW. It will conclude in Campbelltown on Saturday 10th October 2015– a distance of approximately 520kms. Camping locations and facilities will be available at the end of each day’s march.

As closely as possible, allowing for today’s vastly different vehicular traffic, the route taken will follow the original route in 1915. The actual departure date in 1915 was 1st December; so 5th September 2015 will be the equivalent day 100 years on.

By taking less travelled roads, we are traversing often picturesque countryside, doubtless similar to that which the Kangaroos took a century ago.


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The March in Your Town

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