Our Brand

Brand Values

1. Honour

We honour our forebears of all conflicts; the wives, mothers and families affected. We honour the fallen.

2. Remember

We remember the sacrifice made by Australian soldiers and those they left at home.

3. Acknowledge

We acknowledge the resilience of those affected by their departure, in particular the impact on rural life. We acknowledge the descendants, both past and present, of these courageous men.

4. Include

We invite everyone – regardless of age, gender or race – to join with us in commemorating the Kangaroo March of 1915.

5. Educate

We aim to educate both adults and children of the historical events surrounding the March; to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by those that went before us.

6. Inspire

We seek to inspire the children of today; the leaders of tomorrow – to pass the baton and continue the legacy for generations to come.

Brand Promise

We are committed to delivering a memorable, respectful and educational experience; to continue the legacy of the Kangaroo March of 1915 and its surrounding events.

We aspire to connect communities and generations with shared memories and meaningful stories; to evoke a sense of pride to be Australian and to acknowledge the importance of our history. We will remain true to our cause, bringing history to life with integrity and honour.

Brand Personality


Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.