Share a special evening at the Australian War Memorial in honour of the Kangaroo March on Sat 19 Sept from 7:15pm Watch it live streamed to the internet here:

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The role of the march in education

One of the aims of re-enacting the Kangaroo march is to help inform and educate our young people about the stories of young people of similar backgrounds to themselves who went off to fight in the first world war.

We would like to offer teachers and schools FREE access to a Kangaroo March Education Resource Centre. The Resource centre is a growing and interactive resource offering a 5 week unit of work specifically designed for all stages of learning around the Kangaroo March of 1915. It also includes a special Centenary of Anzac Service designed so that the students of the school can hold a commemorative service at the school in preparation for attending or being involved their local RSL or community Anzac Day Service on 25 April.

The Kangaroo March has also being working with the history department at Bowral High School to help document and publicise the stories of both the original marchers and other veterans of the First World War from our region. Click on the link to view some of the Kangaroos and their Stories.

The Australian curriculum for history has a compulsory unit for year 9 on Australia at war.  This unit focuses heavily on the two world wars and how the ANZAC story was created and how we remember them today.  The opportunity to participate in the Kangaroo March re-enactment this year is an extraordinary opportunity for history students of all ages to engage in some in-depth and authentic learning around the ANZAC story, World War 1 and the Kangaroo March in particular.

Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.