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Thank you, Marulan

Marulan plaque


Discover Marulan Newsletter, January 2018

Thank you Marulan

The event, in which the people of Marulan participated so wholeheartedly, concluded over two years ago already! Good heavens. Where did that 2 years evaporate?

In the early days of preparations for the re-enactment, we had reasonably clear ideas about what we hoped to achieve.  We also had a big wish list, and were well aware that much of the ability to deliver on the wish list was dependant on sufficient funds.  Key amongst these was to deliver a safe, enjoyable, interesting, up-t0-36 day experience to the people in rural NSW – to bring a once-in-a-lifetime event through the rural towns and villages, add to the education of the youngsters, etc.   The people of southern rural NSW didn’t have to go to Martin Place in Sydney or the Australian War Memorial in Canberra;  rather, the event and the experience came to them.   This, we achieved.

What took us completely by surprise was the stunning level of involvement of the local communities through which we passed. Meals, snacks, drinks, gigs, poetry readings, speeches, welcomes, plays, horses, mayors, entertainment, dinners, catafalque mounts and dismounts, parades, fly pasts(seriously!): you name it:  we had it.

Our hope was that there would be sufficient funds left in the kitty to create plaques which remembered the original “Kangaroos” but also referenced the event that was staged in 2015.  And there was….   The website reference at the foot of the plaque enables interested people to take a look at the event that took place a century after the original. (It reads: www.nla.gov.au/nla.arc-151875 )  It is our permanent sincere “thank you” and appreciation to the communities who contributed so much to the success of the re-enactment in 2015, and a reminder for the local participants of the contribution they made to a valued cohort of their society a century earlier.

Thank you, all, Marulan !!

From all of us on the Kangaroo March Centenary Re-enactment Committee,

Angela Williamson
Creative Writer & Singer
Kangaroo March Centenary Re-enactment Association Inc.
KM Marulan plaque pres

Angela Williamson is seen presenting one of the plaques to Russell Montgomery, then President of the Marulan Progress Association

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