Small Towns

Small Towns – Kangaroo Journey

The love we have for this country
Its traditions and its lore
To pay respect, though families wept
We retrace where those walked before.

For we can face our fears together
And work much better as a team
Standing shoulder to shoulder
We can do much more than dream.

It is in the striving and enduring
That the race is truly won
To walk from Wagga to Sydney
An incredible deed is done.

The glorious fields of canola
Resplendent to be seen
Are like golden canopies
On quilted beds of dreams.

As Kipling has said before us
In his wonderful poem ‘If”
We must rise above ourselves
And forget the little ‘id’.

And as each small town unfolds before us
We see glimpses of our own
As the Australian spirit envelops us
And we call Australia home.

This Kangaroo March and its Mission
To recall and understand the past
A most commemorative time in our history
That will be forever in our hearts.

Lest we forget

by Marg Davies, Wagga –Junee Kangaroo Choir ‘Mob’ Music Director and KM 2015 Marcher



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