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Phil’s Fit Tips

We’ve consulted Professional Fitness man, Phil Sharp for his advice, and he is commencing a month by month guide for your reference.

Welcome to the first of my Fit Tips to help prepare you for the Kangaroo March. To get started you need to do five things:

1. First and foremost visit your doctor and have a check up. Tell your doctor what you are planning to ensure sure everything is as it should be.

2. Start a walking program now! Start slowly with short distances. Set yourself a program of regular walking – for some this may be 4-5 times a week for others it may be every 2nd or 3rd day. The sooner you start the fitter you will be by September 2015.

3. Make sure you have a comfortable, quality pair of shoes to walk in that will go the distance without giving you blisters, or worse.

4. Ease into your walking program – the biggest mistake is going too hard for too long right from the start. Set yourself short distances at a comfortable pace to start – let your body adapt and then every two weeks set yourself a slightly longer distance to complete (as a rough guide say around a 10% increase every 2 weeks). 5. Lastly, make it fun and enjoyable – take the opportunity to head out and explore something new, or better still go for your walk (and a bit of a chat) with someone special.

Keep exercising, till next time,


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