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Day #9, Sunday Sept 13th looks set to be very special with plans fully developed now for a reprise of the 1915 experience, though hopefully not the weather component(see below)!  Our Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, will unveil a plaque to honour those original Kangaroos. Wallendbeen looks to be the place to be on Sunday afternoon.

And not only the afternoon; Wallendbeen is putting together An Evening to Remember – dinner and entertainment.  If you’ve ‘enlisted’, call Marcia on 6943 2544 to reserve a place.

We will camp overnight at Barry Grace Oval, then on Monday march on to Harden-Murrumburrah.

The Original March:  What Happened

The Kangaroos left Cootamundra on Thursday, 9th December and headed towards Wallendbeen. Near the end of the 14 mile march they encountered a violent thunderstorm and those not equipped with greatcoats were soaked.  There was a further setback when it was discovered their camping ground for the night had also been inundated.

Prior to leaving Wallendbeen the next morning, the marchers were inspected by the Governor-General Sir Ronald Crawford Munro Ferguson – a former Grenadier guards officer.  Sir Ronald had been taking a keen interest in recruiting marches.

Marching near Wallendbeen

Marching near Wallendbeen


Meanwhile Overseas:

The evacuation of Gallipoli, begun on the 8th of December, continued overnight.  This was the preliminary stage of the evacuation whereby the over 41,000 troops on the peninsula would be reduced to 26,000 before these remaining men were removed in late December.


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Meet the Governor General, His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove!

Sunday 13 September, 2015

12:20pm – Ceremony at the Wallendbeen Cenotaph

1:30pm – Governor General to give a public address at the oval

Contact David Jacobs 6943 2621 Email: wallendbeenmarch@gmail.com

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Download a printable poster – Wallendbeen Producers Fair from 1:30pm

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