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Wagga Wagga

The 2015 Re-enactment March

The Wagga Wagga Departure

At 10:30am on Saturday 5th September a special ceremony hosted by the Wagga Wagga RSL sub branch will commence to witness the start of the Centenary Re-enactment of the Kangaroo Recruitment March of 1915. Dr Brendan Nelson our Patron will be in attendance. The Wagga Wagga ‘mob’ of the RSL Rural Commemorative Youth Choir will be conducted by their choir director Margaret Davies.

The Victory Memorial Gardens, corner Baylis and Morrow Streets, is the venue. All are welcome.

The ‘Recruits’, with accompanying Light Horse and retinue, will then March off down Baylis / Fitzmaurice Streets turning right to cross the Hampden Bridge before heading out of Wagga Wagga on this epic re-enactment.



The Original March: What Happened?

The original march began in Wagga Wagga on December 1st, 1915.  Contemporary newspaper reports record that thousands of citizens from the surrounding areas turned out to farewell the first marchers as they left on their journey to Campbelltown and on to Sydney.  It is believed that a total of 88 marchers left Wagga Wagga after first hearing speeches from the mayor of Wagga Wagga.  The speeches were followed by a religious service and then the marchers were presented with the famous Kangaroo March banner together with the Union Flag and an Australian Ensign – possibly the heirloom red ensign featured in the re-enactment launch photographs.

And who were these men who enlisted and marched out of Wagga Wagga on 1st December 1915?

Issued with badge #1 was Mark Redhead, right behind him the incorrigible Herb Murphy and then  Claude Cotton. Alongside them marched A.J. Arndt, T.N. Baker, M.J. Ball, J. Beaver, W.E. Beaver, A.L. Box, W.E. Bradney, C.Brooker, W.G. Browne, P. Buckley, C.F. Burn, H.A. Cameron, H.C. Carpenter, L.R. Carabott, V.Castle, F.S. Collins, F.P. Cowley, T. Cusack, C.F. Darwall, S. Dennis, J. Devenport, J. Doherty, G.H. Durkin, E.L. Fitzgerald, J. Flemming, R.J. Florence, W.A. Flynn, V. Freemantle, L.J. Gaffney, H.P. Gill, W. Granger, A. Gray, H. Hamilton, W. Hatton, L.L. Hishon, E.J. Holloway, W.C. Hyland, A.R. Jackson, L. Jackson, A.A. Kearns, R. Kenny, S. Keyes, W.C. Ledwell, J. Mansfield, F.W. McAlister, T. McCrory, P.H. McLeod, O. McManus, W.H. McNeich, R. McPherson, J. Mobey, W.J. Murphy, B. O’Halloran, T. Oakman, A. Oliver, H.H. Phillips, P.H. Rake, R.W. Resso, P. Robison, J. Ryan, G. Schremmer, F. Schwind, P.F. Seckold, D. Simmons, J.E. Sinclair, H.C. Soames, A. Stearman, G. Stearman, A. Stephenson, C.W.S. Taylor, W.J. Walker, R.F. Walton, W.H. Webb, W.J. Wheeler, R.A. Wild, R. Williamson and T. Woodcroft.

We are steadily writing the stories of some of these men in the Stories section of our website.

Meanwhile overseas:


Winter had set in at Gallipoli.  In late November snow and freezing conditions had set in which made for an uncomfortable change for the diggers.  Plans were well advanced for the evacuation from Gallipoli but final approval had not yet been granted.

Two Australian soldiers standing outside a snow covered dugout on Gallipoli

Two Australian soldiers standing outside a snow covered dugout on Gallipoli

Western Front

The western front had settled into a quite period due to the extremely cold and miserable conditions typically experienced in winter in Northern France and Belgium.

Middle East

In Mesopotamia, British forces, under the command of General Townshend, had over-extended themselves against the Ottoman forces and were retreating towards the town of Kut (approximately 100 miles south of Baghdad) were they would be besieged until April 1916. Starving, and out of munitions, they would be forced to surrender.

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Wagga Wagga Kangaroo March Departure

Saturday 5 September, 2015


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North Wagga Family Fair

Appox 12:30pm – following the departure in Wagga Wagga


North Wagga Hall

BBQ, Street Stalls, Family activities

Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.