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Arriving Day # 3, Monday Sept 7, we will spend 2 nights here at the Showground, before Marching on to Illabo, followed by Bethungra.  The local Junee KM Committee is gearing up with a special programme of events.

The Junee Shire will remember the Kangaroos of 1915 by being a major part of the Re-Enactment of the Recruitment March from Junee to Bethungra.

It will be hosting The March for four evenings from 7th to 10th September.

Join Junee Shire’s programme each night for a different Event in keeping with that era –

  • at the historic Athenium Theatre (7th) for entertainment and supper,
  • the Licorice and Chocolate Factory (8th) for a meal and entertainment,
  • Illabo Hall for rabbit stew and interactive theatre (9th) , and
  • Bethungra Olde School Tea-House for dinner and dancing to the music of the local old bush band (10th).

Other activities are planned for the 8th during the day, including children’s maypole dancing and games from the war era at Memorial Park in Junee from 10am.

For further information contact Susan M: 0419207620 or E: fontenoy44@gmail.com

The Original March:  What Happened

On the approach to Junee the marchers had a break from the unrelenting wheat fields as they marched past the McWilliams Brothers vineyards and orchards at McWilliams Hill.  They were joined at this point by Edric Newman who, although claiming to be 18, was actually only 16 years of age.

The marchers were welcomed to Junee by Mayor Colls and Captain Mould, members of the police together with members of the rifle club, the Junee brass band and many local residents.  Residents of Junee had prepared shower-baths and a hot dinner for the marchers.

Ten to twelve recruits joined the march at Junee – including two 17 year old boys in Charlie Bell and Arthur Baddock.  After another supper provided by the residents the march left Junee on December 4th and headed alongside the railway line to the little village of Illabo, arriving there at approximately 4pm.

Who else joined the March at Junee on 3 December 1915?

J. Aitchison, C.H. Douglass, J.H. Ellingsworth, J. Evans, J. Kennedy, W. Kennedy, W.G. Lawrence, W.Lidden, and  L.Looby.

A group of men from Narrandera also joined in Junee: A.M. Baddock, C. Bell, R. Byrne, A. Cadd, W. Harden, J. Janus, D. Law, A. McPhee, H. Pringle, E. Reilly, T.M. Rowley, P.Sullivan, and E. Williams.

We are adding stories of some of these Kangaroos as they come to light in the Stories section of our website.

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Monday 7 September, 2015

Welcoming Street Parade with Commemorative Service

(Parade participants to arrive at Kemp Street, Junee 1:30pm)

2:30 – Commemorative Service with Spitfire Fly-over

Evening of Nostalgia

The Historic Junee Athenaeum Theatre

Monday Evening 7 September 2015
7:00pm (sharp)

Further information: 0427 542 505 or email: vvstewart54@gmail.com

Supper provided by Friends of the Athenaeum; Gold Coin donation appreciated

Click here for more information and a printable invitation

You are more than welcome to “dress up” WW1 Era

Kangaroo March 1915 3-Course Dinner & Dance
Featuring Live Old-time Music and Dancing and a Wartime Call to Action Re-enactment & performance by RSL Rural Commemorative Youth Choir – Wagga/Junee conducted by Margaret Davies of Wagga Wagga

Junee Museum

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory

Tuesday 8 September 2015
from 6:00pm
Address: 45-61 Lord St, Junee
Tickets $45, and for KM Enlistees $40
To book phone:(02) 6924 3574

Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.