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We arrive from Junee Day # 5, Wednesday Sept 9, and have been promised a memorable evening in the Great Hall at the Showground. Before that though, the Illabo school students will come out to march us into town, and we’ll hold our Commemorative Ceremony there with some students telling the stories of the Kangaroos who enlisted back in the day.

We will be camping in the Illabo Showgrounds.

The Original March:  What Happened

The village of Illabo (originally named Billabong but changed to Illabo by removing the first and last two letters to distinguish the town from several other towns also called Billabong) welcomed the marchers with a banner that said Illabo Welcomes the Kangaroos.  The marchers were once again entertained with tea and a concert in the evening.

The March had now grown to 118 Kangaroos.

So, who were the men who enlisted in Illabo?

Messrs M.R.E. Pettiford and A. Stevens.


Meanwhile overseas:

The Turks began their siege of Kut Al Amara in Mesopotamia.  They cut off, completely, the British garrison and would eventually starve them into submission after a rescue mission launched up the Tigris river would fail to reach them. Nearly 8,000 troops would be captured with many dying in captivity after receiving brutal treatment at the hands of their captors.

General Townsend, the British commander at Kut Al-Amara

General Townsend, the British commander at Kut Al-Amara

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The Illabo Community invites you to a
Dinner and Theatre Night
at the Illabo Showground Pavilion
Wednesday 9 September
2 Course Traditional Meal $30 (including tea and coffee)
Kangaroo March Participants $20 (including tea and coffee)
Come dressed in your 1915 Attire!
Bring: YOG

RSVP: 28 August –  Cheryl Carter 6924 5483 or 0427 245 483 or email: illabo@bigpond.com

No tickets at the door, get in quick – Seats are limited! One night only!

Click here for payment methods and printable invitation
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Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.