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We will be camping on a private property , “Kooringal Stud”, this evening, Day #2, Sunday Sept 6, as the “town” of Harefield has essentially faded in the last Century, however we will still be holding a Commemorative Service towards the end of the day and we hope that local residents will join us for that.

The Original March:  What Happened

On the evening of December 2nd, 1915 the marchers arrived at the small community of Harefield.  A turkey dinner was dispensed at the ‘plain and unpretentious’ Harefield Hall by the: McNickle, Trengrove and Patterson families that evening. They were then ‘entertained in characteristic bush style’ with a concert and a dance in the hall, with many people coming out from Wagga Wagga to attend.


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The Kangaroo Marchers will enjoy a quiet, restful evening at Harefield

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