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Harden – Murrumburrah

The birthplace of the Australian Light Horse. We come into town from Wallendbeen on Day # 10, Monday Sept 14 and will camp at the Showgrounds. We would love the Historical Society there to welcome us in Period turnout and we could enjoy a wonderful evening.

The Original March:  What Happened

After leaving Wallendbeen on the morning of Friday, December 10, the Kangaroos marched on to Murrumburrah where they camped overnight at the Murrumburrah showground.

The town had banners across the road.  One read:  God Speed the Roos: Harden’s Welcome, while the next read:  Road to Berlin and the last banner read: Hop in and Welcome .

The people of Harden-Murrumburrah (with a population of just over 2000) were particularly generous. At Harden the children had a scheme where each child supplied an egg and a potato to the Kangaroos’ commissariat division. At the public school 560 potatoes and 21 dozen eggs had been sent in and the convent school 290 potatoes, 190 eggs and eight lettuce. Others had promised sheep, puddings and loaves of bread.

Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.