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Day #28: We will stop in Exeter for lunch on Day #28, Friday October 2nd, while marching from Bundanoon to Moss Vale.   Exeter Hall, if redevelopments are concluded, should be the venue, otherwise the grounds of St Aidan’s across the road, hosted very kindly by Exeter Village Association. The local Choir, Exeter Sings, intends to entertain the ‘troops’ with some cheery WW1 songs.
ETA Exeter 11:30, ETD: 13:30 under the Railway bridge and left on to the Werai Road. (Way too dangerous to go the route of 100 years ago)

Due into the Moss vale Showgrounds ~17:00 having come in from Spencer, Arthur, Mack, Kirkham and Elizabeth Streets.

The Original March: What Happened

On the morning of December 30th, the Kangaroos passed through Exeter on their way to the NSW Governor’s residence, Hill View, near Sutton Forest. The Governor, Sir Gerald Strickland would inspect the troops after lunch and praise them as brave Australians and an example to all patriotic Australians and Britons.  At 3:30pm the bugle call to fall in was sounded and the march left for Moss Vale.

Meanwhile, Overseas:

The SS Persia was torpedoed by a German submarine off Crete at a loss of 333 lives – including the US Consul to Aden.  This sinking was controversial in that it broke the accepted naval international law in that merchant ships could be stopped and searched but not deliberately sunk without warning.

In related trivia, one of the passengers killed was Miss Eleanor Thornton, whose name is largely unremembered but whose image is familiar to many as she was the model for the Rolls-Royce mascot – The Spirit of Ecstasy.

Spirit of Ecstasy

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