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We arrive from Galong on Day # 12, Wednesday Sept 16, and will stay overnight, camping on the Oval.
We are due to March into town around midday. The camp is the other side of town from our direction of entry.  So, Binalong will welcome us at the Pioneer Park first, and then we’ll hold our Commemorative Ceremony including stories of the local lads who went off to WWI.

Then it’s resuscitation time at the adjacent Hall where the Red Cross Ladies are planning lunch for us. After which onward to the camp, and some R&R. Soak the tootsies, sleep, chew the fat.

Around 6pm we’re expected back at the Binalong Hall for a bbq dinner prepared by the Tennis Club, and then there’ll be locals to entertain ‘the troops’ followed by a light supper to round off the evening.

We leave the following morning for Bowning.

The Original March:  What Happened

The march left Galong on Monday morning and headed towards Binalong.  The marchers reached Binalong in time for lunch and were then given leave for two hours to bathe in the waterholes close to town.  The marchers were then able to spend the night in the local hall rather than camping in the local reserve after a heavy thunderstorm.

Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.