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15 Days ….

The first 15 days are behind us and only 21 left! What an amazing time the ‘enlistees’ and support crew have had to date! From a splendid send off from Wagga Wagga numbered in the thousands, we’ve traversed a beautiful portion of rural NSW with all the country hospitality that the country folk are famed for.  Our President has referred to us as the telly-tubbies for the quality and quantity of food we’ve had to consume.  We may be marching the whole 520kms to Campbelltown but we’ll still most likely waddle in.

And the hospitality hasn’t stopped at food. The entertainment each evening has varied from an acoustic guitar around the camp-site fire, to bush poets regaling us with the wonderful wit of the laconic lads of the outback, to entire Variety Concerts on stage, rehearsed, choreographed and performed, to folk songs in a garden redolent with spring flowers. Have we been privileged? You bet!

Many of our ‘followers’ are observing our progress on facebook. If that is not your metier, nevertheless you can observe what has just taken place on the Kangaroo March facebook page by simply clicking on the little facebook symbol (the little ‘f’) at the top of the Kangaroo March website page.  then wait for the site to load on to your screen.  You may need to ‘maximise’ the screen – 2nd button top right on your screen.  Then when it has finished loading, start scrolling down the page to see the latest news of, say, Day 14, then backwards to Day 13, and so on.  Just to give you a mostly visual taster of our experiences along the way, such as  the sculptures that have been unveiled in tribute to the Kangaroos of 100 years ago; the descendants we’ve met, the memorabilia that has turned up.

The help we’ve had from the ex-Military Vehicles men and women, the RFS traffic control, the Everyman Truck with all his teas, coffees and guilt-ridden yummies on the side.

We leave Yass on Monday 21st Sept heading for Jerrawa.  Come and join us on this epic re-enactment.

Enlist now to march in the Kangaroo March Re-enactment.